Brief  Introduction


Blaudio is a profile companies professional engaged in development and production of high fidelity speakers and unit.


It is composed by famous Chinese designer Mr. Zhang Bailiang. Over the years, a variety of classic speaker and driver have designed by Mr. Zhang, and received good reviews. Such as the UK "HiFi News" author writer, Mr. Ken Kessler, and Didi, the owner and designer of world-famous speaker brands Venture,  all give a rave reviews.The president of world famous unit manufacturer Seas , Mr. Jan Eric Paus commended  Mr.  Zhang as "Chinese outstanding speaker designer". Several famous speakers designed by Mr. Zhang, are given good reviews in the world famous Hi-Fi magazine such as UK "Hi-Fi News ", " Fi ", Hong Kong" hi-fi audio", Hong Kong" sound technology "


Now we have  1 authorized USA patent, 1 authorized EU patent and 10 authorized china patents,and declared five china patents, covered radar, speaker unit and speakers and other fields. And some of the advanced design concepts and techniques that we initiated or vigorously promote in the china, have powerful repercussions at home and abroad, and was adopt by manufacturers in china and abroad, such as,phase design theory, philosophy of yin and yang merge in low order network, Asphalt plate anti-vibration damping technology, True-Sandwich ̄structure No box wall radiation and no internal reflection technique, Relative balance theory, First expounded the technical principles of "by-wire" , Automatic air cooling NdFeB magnetic system design, 28mm high-end silk dome tweeter design techniques, computer-aided acoustic testing and  design, etc. These theories or patented technology, makes big contribution  to improve the level of china speaker technology in the past few years.


Currently Blaudio has launched fifteen models in five series HIFI Speaker. From the famous model TIMES 1, it has been soled for 16 years, to the Pastoral speaker model,  it get  to many rave reviews as soon as it launched, to the "Fisher Song" model, who is launched with the grand imposing manner of"Fishermen songs in evening glow, spreads over every coast of Penghu lake"with the style ofplain and harmony, Nature,balanced, imposing and Impressionistic, win The favorite of HiFi fans.


The LP-1 pre-amplifier with battery power supply and step-up transformer, have been launched years, and have been rave reviews of the best pre-amp made of china. with its 4000RMB retail price, but its sound as good as abroad pre-amp with price of 20000~30000 RMB. LP-1 pre-amp should be the classic model of Chinese HiFi audio.


Nature and balance sound and profound cultural connotation is thecharacteristics of Blaudio. High Cost performance of Blaudio is caused by the usage of many patent techniques and advanced design concepts   。


Now Blaudio is the agent of Praxis, a famous PC audio test system of USA. Praxis has been used of many company, such as Apple. Praxis is few one PC audio test system who could test the real phase of speaker.